Building-Aug 2011

- Aug 29, 2011 -

Praise God! It’s been a busy summer. The water going in and going out is set up and working since early summer. The electric poles were installed by the Electric Company in July, and we’ve had power available since early in August. The remaining outside doors were also placed on order, and some have been installed. Moreover, last month an additional $10,000 donation came in! We are in process of planning the Air Conditioning installation for the building during the Sept/October timeframe.

The combined efforts of the two churches - Northwest Chinese Church and Horizon Christian Community Church - came together this past Saturday (Aug 27th) for an all-morning cleanup. The building had gotten quite dusty and cluttered over time. So it was overdue for a good makeover. About 17 adults and a few younger kids came out, and over the course of a few hours, we threw out a ton of junk, swept the floors clean, and set up some wall partitions for the classrooms.

Partitions up!

Clean Sanctuary

Clearing stuff away

Thanks for all the prayers!
We also recently set up an online donations system so that folks can contribute to this project or the church ministry.
(see the tab on the home page) With only about $15,000 - $20,000 left to raise, we are drawing close to the finish line. Praise God!


Building - June 2011

- June 18, 2011 -

Since the land is now leveled and prepared, we’ve contacted the electric company to come out and install the poles and lines to give us electricity power. It requires 2 poles to be installed and some line laid out underground. It looks like it will run us about $7000, but praise God, once again we seem to have just enough for this next phase.

Power Lines

We’re still praying for God’s provision as we near the finish line. After this, we’ve got to do the Air Conditioning work: designing, planning, and installing the AC units. We’re praying for AC units to be donated to us (maybe old units from some local business). Otherwise it will run us close to an estimated $15, 000. But after that, we only need about $5000 to put in sheetrock for the inside walls and to add some basic landscaping in the front.

Please continue to pray with us for this!

- June 11, 2011 -

Recently we decided to do something for the neighborhood that the building is in.
They’ve been very patient, waiting for our building to get done. And more than a few folks have been wondering what is going on at our site.

So, on Saturday June 4th, we hosted a little block party on our parking lot. We had a moonwalk, free hot dogs and drinks, carnival games, and a prayer and info booth.

It was the first weekend of summer, so it seemed like an opportune time. We started at 10am and lasted until 1pm. We didn’t anticipate that the day was pretty hot or that folks might not be out and about that time of the day. In the end, we have a small turnout, but one couple was extremely encouraged by what God is doing in their midst.

Our church team was fantastic, also. They came at 9am, helped set up all the equipment, and worked hard to hold up signs and man the booths. They had a great attitude, and we’re already planning for our end-of-summer block party with lots of new ideas of how we can improve our ability to bless this community.

Hot dogs!

Block Party Signs

Games Station

- May 2011 -

Praise God! We got an unexpected influx of more than $10,000 recently. So we’re finishing up the outside plumbing work. That means working with the city to get a water line drawn up to the building (Water IN) and connecting up the sewer pipes (Water OUT). That work should be done by the middle of May.

We also rented out a bobcat that can haul almost a ton of dirt at a time. Pastor Fish and I are going to be working on the site for a whole week to fill in the back of the church lot and to level the rest of the area. This will let our land be more manageable in the future, so that as weeds grow, we can use a mower rider to take care of them.

We ended up getting 11 trucks worth of dirt and stone dumped onto our site. That was a lot of dirt to move, but praise God, we got it all put in the right places (and no one got hurt!).

Moving Dirt

Front yard landscaping

The combined churches of Horizon CCC and Northwest Chinese Church also came out to clean up the trash around the area, pull up weeds, add nice black mulch in the front areas, and generally make it more presentable. Great work, everyone!


Building- Summer and Fall 2010

This summer the work slowed down a little, but we are still edging forward towards completion.
Lots of prayer and sacrificial support have laid a solid foundation of the ongoing construction...

More Work on the Building

Ongoing updates for the building...

The Building Follow-Up

The week of Spring Break went extremely well.
We had up to 50 people on some days working away at constructing the key elements of the new building.
Praise God for the Extreme team that came out from West Texas and for all the help of the local volunteers!

There is still a lot of work to be done, but by faith we've seen God move far further than we had imagined...

We'll track the follow-up in this Blog Entry...