Building- Summer and Fall 2010

- Sept 11, 2010 -

Praise God! In the last few weeks, we've seen us enter another key phase: the building of the parking lot.

Our contractor Tony has been a tremendous blessing. He was the guy who felt led to provide the labor and materials to put up beautiful white stone all around our building. Recently, God reconnected us with him. Now, Tony is entrusted with the task to level the ground all around the building and to eventually pave the parking lot for us.

This is an answer to prayer since the weeds and trees had been growing out of control in the last month. This has been an eyesore to the neighborhood and a challenge for workers to cross the overgrown front yard. It was such a joy to see the big Bobcat arrive one day and start to rip up all the weeds and trees and junk. Within days, the land was flattened, and new dirt was poured in all around the place.

One setback happened recently when someone kicked in the back door covering and pushed past the temporary plywood that had been screwed in place. Thank God, nothing was stolen or damaged. Hopefully, it was just someone desperately looking for shelter...

- July 17, 2010 -

The last few weeks, we've seen a bunch of little things being added in, as well as the near completion of the internal plumbing system.

The electrical wiring and a whole slew of lights have been installed this summer. With volunteer help from other churches, this has been progressing smoothly and effectively. We even have contacted the electric company to do a survey to establish a power connection for the building.
Lots of lights installed

We've put in a few more windows inside the building. The double windows is the main view for those in the central cry room for parents with young infants. Other windows provide light into various offices and ministry rooms.

double windows for cry room window for office

windows for large rooms

The materials for the water pipes have all been purchased. The work has been going slowly, but it looks like it is almost done now. The Christian plumber who is working for us has been doing great work.

lots of pipes

pipe up wall pipe main junction

- Ongoing fundraising for the building completion
- Protection from any spiritual attacks, accidents on site, or vandalism.
- Favor in the community.
- For many new people to trust in Christ and become active members of the church.