Thanks for all your Donations!

Many of you have supported Horizon through your prayers and financial gifts over the years. Horizon has been used by God is so many ways in Austin. This house church has been a true lighthouse of prayer and worship and hosting God's presence for many here.

In this new season, God has let the legal entity known as Horizon wind down, but the community of faith lives on in the relationships of the many families and through the impact it has had on the homeless and neighborhoods around here.

God bless you all and thank you once again!!!

Pastor Walton and his family have followed God's call to Charlotte, North Carolina. Walton can still be reached at his cell phone 512-554-7979.

Since Horizon is closed down, its tax-exempt status and bank account are also closed now. So, no more donations are being taken for Horizon. Thanks!

All donations are tax-exempt, and a summary for the year will be sent to your address early the following year in 2015.

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