More Work on the Building

- June 23, 2010 -

The front doors were finally installed last week!

It was eye-opening to learn how much doors can cost, but I guess the combination of double doors, steel, glass openings, and commercial grade emergency bars adds up. In the end, the door company gave us a great deal and even worked to get us an additional discount. Richard did a superb job of installing the doors for us last Wednesday, so that everything opens and closes and functions smoothly!

We hope to secure the rest of the doors soon and to begin work on the plumbing for the building. Praise God for His provision!

door one up now


Continue for pray for:
- Ongoing fundraising for the outside doors and plumbing
- Safety for all our contractors and volunteers
- Installation of some of the glass windows we've received
- Work on the electrical wiring and lights in the building
- Plans for the air conditioning system and parking lot

- June 11, 2010 -

Praise God! A master electrician at Gateway church is helping us out on Friday mornings, and we get to assist in the endeavor as best we can. Meanwhile, we are still praying for more funds to accrue. Summer's arrival has unfortunately also brought some new acts of vandalism to our doorstep.

Pray for:
- God to reach out and show love and forgiveness to the person who vandalized the premises
- New funds to be raised for this next phase of inside construction: Outer doors, plumbing, electrical work, AC, walls
- Safety and blessings upon those volunteering their expertise and time

- May 22, 2010 -

Well, the outside of the church is now complete.
We're heading into a new phase of the building: working on the inside.

This includes:
• Metal doors and plumbing
• electrical wiring
• Air conditioning ducts and equipment
• Inside walls
• Furniture

We're hoping to start work on the plumbing soon. We've arranged to have someone do that work for us at a terrific price.
That, plus the outside metal doors, will put us in good shape as we move forward.
Please be praying!

- May 1, 2010 -

The walls are done now and we hope to begin work on the insides of the building soon!
My mom from Hawaii and my daughter Stephanie came with me to visit the site on Saturday, so they're in some of the pics.
The final stones went up today... Praise God!

If you look closely, you can also see above the front main entrance the embossed outline of the cross.
That is the one architectural embellishment we requested, and it seems fitting, since the cross of Christ and His resurrection are central symbols to our faith.

building wide view stones done
Walt at Front

mom and steph
angled front

front closeup

- For safety for our workers
- Outside metal doors to be delivered and installed
- For air conditioning unit and setup
- For electrical wiring
- For plumbing

- April 24, 2010 -

Thanks to everyone who came on out on Saturday!!!

We were able to finish putting up fire blocking around the whole building. Overall, it adds a lot more stability to the building and reduces significantly the damage that an accidental fire might cause.

We even started dropping plywood decking for the attic space of our building.

This week, the walls are now just about done.
The entire front side and even its columns are covered with a brand-new white stone covering. The sides and back are very close and should be done by week's end.

attic decking
front face

- Safety for workers
- Provision for future resources
- Wisdom in taking the next step
- For the metal doors to arrive and be installed soon

- April 17, 2010 -

The walls keep up going up... As you drive by the new building, it is surprisingly looking more and more like a real functional building that can be used by the neighborhood, by those in need, and by our church for His glory! At this rate, the walls should be finished very soon. Praise God that several trucks have already unloaded tons of the beautiful white stone over this past week, and now most of it is at the core of our wall's makeup.

This Saturday, Richard (our master carpenter in charge) asked for a crew of guys to help out, so a small team of guys in our men's ministry (aptly named the Horizon Rebuilders) will be working on the inside of the building to put up decking for the attic and additional wood structures on the inside walls.

One step at a time, by faith, we're moving forward! All glory to God!

building wide view with stones workcrew

- Safety for our volunteer and paid workers
- Quality work to add to the overall safety, beauty, and usefulness of the building
- Continued good relationships with our new neighbors
- The outside metal doors to arrive and get installed soon
- God's traveling mercies as Pastor Fish and his family spend time in and return from China soon

- April 10, 2010 -

Work has been going along very smoothly this week.
We purchased the metal door frames for all the outside doors and started looking to get the outside walls finished.

Praise God! Once again, God provides beyond our expectations. Someone who owned a stone quarry has offered to do the sides of our building at the original budgeted price. We had originally planned to go with hardiboard or stucco as more cost-efficient alternatives to brick or stone. It's a tremendous blessing to have the walls made fully of stone.

The stone works crews started construction on Tuesday and it looks great.

stones on wall
stone pile

white stones
under roof

PRAYERS: Please be praying...
- Pray for blessing upon the stone quarry donor, for how God impressed on his heart to be so generous
- Pray for safety and protection of all the workers on site
- Pray for good relationships with all our neighbors
- Pray for other resources to arrive in the next few weeks

- March 31st, 2010 -

With a small crew of faithful volunteers, the work continues on...

This week, praise God for more progress!:
1. The roof porches are completed.
2. The columns are finished.
3. The outside walls are being prepared to layer stucco all around them.

Front Porch 1
Front Porch 2

Front Porch 3

Front Porch View

We are proceeding week by week as God brings in resources.
There is still about $40K we need to finish it, but we have already seen God's fingerprints over all of this.
It will get done in His timing but probably much sooner than anyone expects.

PRAYERS: Please be praying for several items:

1. For ongoing safety for our small daily crew of volunteers and paid workers
2. For God's continued gracious provision of materials, equipment, and finances
3. For a tremendous positive witness for Christ to our community
4. For protection: Last week someone used a BB gun and shot out 1 church window and a window of a volunteer worker