Light to See
Our vision is that every one of our homes would be a source of God's light shining His blessings into the lives around us.

EVERYONE. This means that every individual, every family, sees their own responsibility and opportunity to join in the great things God is doing.

EVERY HOME. This also means that we see the church not merely as a building or fixed location or something we do on Sundays. The church is primarily its people living out their lives daily in the presence and embrace of our God. And it shows up in the vicinity of our homes, right where people live: serving the community sacrificially, loving one another graciously, being a blessing to our neighbors up and down our street.

SHINING. This most of all means that we see the vital importance and privilege to take God's goodness and good news to those far from Him, especially those who for whatever reason will never step foot into a traditional church. This is Christ's mission. This is Jesus' heart. It is our heart, too.

We pray that as more and more Christians catch this vision and personally own it, we'll see far more than the mere implementation of a good idea or even the numerical growth of the church. We pray for more and more of God to show up powerfully and tangibly in our midst. We long for the unmistakable presence of God to sweep across our street, our neighborhood, our community, and this entire city... for something far bigger than any one church could strive for.

We long for God to bring revival...