The Last, the Least, the Lost
Hope for the Homeless
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Every other Sunday, we head out from 2PM - 4PM along highway 183 from the Avery Ranch area down to Burnet. We drive along the service roads to look for those who are needy and homeless. Our desire is that God would show us someone to reveal the love of God to. As the Spirit leads us, we stop to listen and talk wth them, give them water and necessities, and pray for God to do a miracle in their lives. Those who could not walk can walk again! Those in pain are set free! Those without hope find faith again and find jobs!

Praise God for the friends we've made along the way and for the things we've learned about Father God's heart for others.
Gifts of Hope
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Once a quarter, together as a church, we prepare dozens of "Gifts of Hope" bags that we can keep in our cars and have ready to give to those in need. These bags are customized to have water and various snacks, pen and paper, emergency information, the Gospel, and a Book of John.

We believe that if we are serious about wanting to help those in need, then the time to respond is not right when they ask. We need to prepare ahead of time so that we are not empty-handed or digging through our pockets for a little change. We know that need is already there. This act of love gives us something good to give in Jesus' name all the time.
Church Under the Bridge
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About once every 3 months, our church joins with the local Austin ministry called "Church under the Bridge" near 7th Street and I-35 on a Sunday morning to serve the homeless population. The formal service starts at 10AM. But we get there by 9AM to set up and serve often more than a hundred people with a nice hot breakfast. We give out clothes and other necessities. And we look for every opportunity to listen to people and offer to pray for them.

God moves in many people's hearts. People have been healed and set free in Jesus' name...
Good Samaritan Compassion Fund
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We have funds set aside to help those in financial need. We try to help as many people as we can, whether they are in our church or not. We can't provide for every person, but by God's grace we try to go above and beyond to help those at the end of their resources.