Unceasing Prayer Schedule
Praise God that Horizon Christian Community Church and many other partnering churches are joining together to pray through the 3rd Wednesday of each month! If you would like to sign up and join us in this time of prayer, please contact Pastor Walton at 512-554-7979.

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up...

- Luke 18:1

This video shares about a revival that broke out in New York city almost a century and a half ago. You may not have heard of the Fulton Street Revival, but its effects are still felt to this day in that area.

Prayer was the spark that ignited this revival. Prayer is always the flame that sets off a Revival visitation from God to a community!

If it happened once before,
it can happen again . . .

Join with us in prayer for the city on the 3rd Wednesday of each month!

UNCEASING PRAYER: In partnership with over 40 local churches around Austin to cover this city in prayer around the clock. May God bring revival with a fresh and mighty outpouring of His Spirit!