What's Your Dream for the Community?

Spring Break 2010 arrived, and the Baptist Builders' incredible gift of love, time, energy, and expertise can be easily seen at the 3610 Hillside Drive site of the new church building.

Throughout this exciting journey, the thing that is most thrilling is not the size or beauty of the building. It's the fact that none of this should exist right now except by the extraordinary grace of God! The land was a gift from someone outside of our churches. And much of the money and materials for the building also come from various sources in God's family. The two local churches that will be housed in this building, Northwest Chinese Church and Horizon Christian Community Church, have contributed to this project in many ways, but to be honest, it's all God or none of this would have happened.

So, what would you do if God handed over to you and entrusted you with half a million dollars in resources to bless your community?
What if your personal opinion could make a huge impact in the land and building's ultimate use?
How would you want to build into the Kingdom of God?

These are just some of the questions going through our minds.

At a recent meeting, I asked people to give some of their own ideas for what they'd like to see happen.
Here's some of the replies:

- Provide a place to stay for those who desperately need it
- Start an orphanage
- Open a food pantry

We will be surveying the actual neighborhood in the months to come to see what they consider to be some of the biggest needs of the area. We'd also like to hear what is one answer to prayer they'd like to see happen if God were to hear their prayers for the community.

Meanwhile, post your own thoughts and let's start a discussion...
Think outside the box and let the Spirit lead you and inspire you.

Who knows what dreams God might birth in this blog?

- Pastor Walton