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Christmas 2012
December 2012
SERIES: Can't Miss Christmas

There are so many things to look forward to at Christmas. Food, family, gifts, time off from work, and… the birth of the Savior! So many good things means it's easy to forget what the heart of this season is all about.

Come celebrate Christmas with us as we remember who it is that we can't afford to miss this Christmas!

• Dec 08, 2012:
Can't Miss This!
• Dec 15, 2012:
Bringing Gifts
• Dec 22, 2012:
Coming to Town
• Dec 29, 2012: Open Worship and Sharing
Bod 4 God Series
Fall 2012

Does God care about what I eat or drink? Does exercise, sleep, or good health matter at all to Him?

When we think about spiritual growth, we often focus on our emotions and decisions going on inside. We don't think about how our treatment of our physical bodies can honor (or dishonor) God.

Or, if we think we are too fat or too weak, then we sign up for the latest diet or exercise regimen, and we never consider what God thinks about our bodies and our health.

In Bod4God, we want to see what God thinks about our physical selves and how it should shape the choices we make in life.

• Oct 13, 2012:
Your Body Matters
• Oct 20, 2012:
Fired Up!
• Oct 27, 2012: -- Neighborhood Block Party --

• Nov 03, 2012:
Making It Work
• Nov 10, 2012:
Dream Team
• Nov 17: 2012: GUEST
• Nov 24, 2012: International Thanksgiving Dinner

• Dec 01, 2012:
The Biggest Loser
The Games of Life Series
Fall 2012
SERIES: The Games of Life

We've all played games before: board games, card games, team sports, family games… The rules and strategies may differ wildly, but in general one thing is constant: you want to win at the game. No one plays to lose on purpose. And, when it comes our how we live our lives, we all want to win and succeed.

This series compares our lives to various games or game ideas, and it lets God's Word speak to us about how to be successful in life itself.

• Aug 18, 2012: "
Succeeding in LIFE"
• Aug 25, 2012: '

• Sept 01, 2012: "
Texas Hold 'Em"
• Sept 08, 2012: "
• Sept 15, 2012: "
• Sept 22, 2012: "
Who needs a Coach?"
• Sept 29, 2012: Family Fun Night
God On Film Series
Summer 2012
SERIES: God On Film

What do blockbuster movies have to do with God and the church? Well, movies are the vehicles for telling great stories these days. And in many of these movies are themes that resonate with God's heart... At the very least, there are ideas that contrast with God's truth and give us a basis to think about them.

Join us - and bring a friend - as we examine a bunch of movie hits this summer and see what God reveals about Himself and the world through them.

• May 26, 2012:
GUEST Pastor Larry Ball
• June 1, 2012: "
The Avengers"
• June 9, 2012: GUEST Pastor Jake Kail
• June 16, 2012: "The Hunger Games"
• June 23, 2012: "
• June 30, 2012: "
The Vow"
• July 07, 2012: "
War Horse"
• July 14, 2012: "
In Time"
• July 21, 2012: "
• Aug 04, 2012:
GUEST Daniel Geraci
• Aug 11, 2012:
La Batre Team Sharing
Unstuck Series
Spring 2012
SERIES: Unstuck - Moving Beyond Mediocrity

Sometimes we all get stuck. We dream of greatness and of a better future. But something in our lives hits a snag and we can't seem to move forward. We can't get any momentum. We feel stuck.

Yet God's intent is to break us free in every area of our lives. Free to live abundantly. Free to live for Him. God's power can move us beyond the mire of mediocrity into greatness only He could imagine...

• Apr 07, 2012: "
Unstuck in our Faith"
• Apr 14, 2012: "
Unstuck in our Finances"
• Apr 21, 2012: "
Unstuck in our Family"
• Apr 28, 2012: "
Unstuck in our Field"
• May 05, 2012: "
Unstuck in our Friendships"
• May 12, 2012: "
Unstuck in our Future"

Special Topics
March 2012
SERIES: Special Topics

A month of special guest speakers and topics:

• Mar 03, 2012:
Jack Cochrun (The Storehouse)
• Mar 10, 2012: "
Are you Good News?"
• Mar 17, 2012:
Ben Yuen (Open Doors Ministries)
• Mar 24, 2012:
Jake Kail (River in the Hills)
• Mar 31, 2012: Concert of Prayer

Are You Sure?
Jan - Feb 2012
Upcoming SERIES: Are You Sure?

One of the most important issues you can resolve in your heart is whether your relationship with God is truly secure. Is it firm, stable, and unmovable once you have been born again? or Can I lose my salvation by crossing some line?

This mini-series will help you work through the key BIble passages and ideas of this issue.

• Jan 28, 2012: "
The Core Issue"
• Feb 18, 2012: "
High Stakes"
• Feb 25, 2012: "
Embraced by Grace"

Special Topics
Jan 2012
SERIES: Special Topics

A few special topics to start off our new year...

• Jan 07, 2012: "
The Last 5 Percent!"
• Jan 14, 2012: "
Keep on Praying"
• Jan 21, 2012: Fireside Chat