Explore God
What is Explore God?

What is Explore God?
Explore God is a four month area-wide campaign that will take place from July to October of 2013. The goal of Explore God is to invite people to investigate questions about God in a non-threatening way through individual conversations with a believer. Explore God gives us practical ways to generate spiritual conversations around people’s natural curiosity regarding their purpose, the reliability of the Bible, the existence of evil, who Jesus is, and other questions.
Questions explored during the 7 part Sermon Series (starting Sept 2013)

Sept 07 - Does life have a purpose?
Sept 14 - Does God exist?
Sept 21 - Why does God allow pain and suffering?
Sept 28 - Is Christianity too narrow?
Oct 05 - Is Jesus really God?
Oct 12 - Is the Bible reliable?
Oct 19 - Can I know God personally?

Who's involved in Explore God?
Our prayer is that by the time the campaign starts, numerous members in over 300 churches across Greater Austin - and across denominational lines - will be active participants in Explore God.

When does Explore God take place?
The campaign begins in July with an area-wide advertising blitz designed to raise awareness and create curiosity regarding spiritual issues. The campaign culminates with a sermon series August 24th - October 19th (during our Saturday evening group worship services). We'll be doing some additional training during the August messages, followed by talks in September and October that will be centered around seven common questions about God and faith. 

What's my role in Explore God?
Your part is to join the largest conversation about spiritual things ever in Greater Austin by:

Training to prepare yourself for spiritual conversations
Engaging people in spiritual conversations on a regular basis
 and/or joining an Explore God small group during the campaign
 people to Horizon church to hear the messages, ask questions, and continue the conversation!
 for God’s Spirit to be poured out through His people across Greater Austin as we interact with the people in our area

How can I pray for Explore God?
We’re asking God that during the campaign, 400,000 spiritual conversations will occur with at least 50,000 people in Central Texas hearing the gospel. Imagine these conversations happening all over our city – in coffee shops, classrooms, at the tailgate party and over the lunch break – conversations that are potentially life-changing. To date, almost 300 churches in Central Texas have committed to be part of this first-of-its kind initiative.
Explore God Training

Get Equipped with this Two-Part Explore God Training
We encourage you to participate in both of these training sessions so you're equipped to start having spiritual conversations now. We're grateful for Pastor Tim Hawks and the family at Hill Country Bible Church for providing these training videos.

The first training will help you know how to have spiritual conversations, while the second training shows how you can use the 
Explore God website as a valuable resource for you and those who are asking questions and seeking answers.

Get trained online whenever it's most convenient for you! Click play on the videos below to get started now.